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Listening to the Word

Seventh Sunday of Easter A

May 24, 2020

Acts 1:12-14

Ps 27:1, 4, 7-8

1 Pt 4:13-16

Jn 17:1-11

Our central challenge from the Holy Spirit in today’s readings is, with His grace, to rejoice in our suffering for the Faith because the more we suffer the more we are identified with Jesus who has liberated us from the bondage of sin by his suffering and death.


The First Reading tells us how the apostles waited in prayer for Pentecost which would enable them to preach Christ and bear witness to him in spite of persecutions.


In the Second Reading, Peter challenges his early Christian audience and us to view and accept sufferings as an opportunity to be more fully one with Jesus.


The Gospel gives us the beginning of the “High Priestly Prayer" of Jesus in which he prays for himself and for protection and unity for his disciples. In the first part of the section we hear today, Jesus prays for himself and his chosen apostles.  He prays for the protection and unity of his disciples.  In the second part, Jesus commends his apostles to the Father and prays for them because they have accepted the word of God and acknowledged his divine origin as the Messiah.  They have put their trust in Jesus and His Father.  Jesus prays that they may act as agents of truth and love in the world.  They are to be the leaven in the dough, the purifying salt and lights shining in the darkness.  Jesus prays for their protection from evil and for their unity. 


We need to center our Christian life on prayer. Christian prayer has several forms for individual Christians and for communities. These include individual prayer, the prayer of the liturgy, para-liturgical prayers/services, such as Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. There are also different kinds of prayer, including vocal prayer, the Rosary, and contemplative prayer. All in all, prayer means getting into contact with God -- listening to Him and talking to Him. We should try to set aside some time each day to spend with God in prayer. If we are convinced of the presence of God within us, we can talk to Him even while we are driving, waiting in line or doing routine work in the kitchen or yard. Our talk with God can include praise and thanksgiving, pleas for forgiveness and prayer for our needs.  A few minutes spent in reading the Bible is a good way of listening to God. 


We also need to glorify Christ by the lives we live. When we live ethical lives, that is, lives of integrity in which our performance is in harmony with our profession of Faith, we are glorifying Jesus. An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay, a fair deal on a product, a truthful, trustworthy guarantee – all these reflect our integrity. We glorify God by our prayer life and faithful observance of the Lord’s Day. We glorify Jesus by humble and selfless service – distributing food to the needy, volunteering at shelters for the homeless, tutoring children, helping with after-school care, teaching Sunday School, or doing random acts of kindness. Finally, we glorify God by speaking kind, merciful, loving and encouraging words.

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