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Bible Study

Reading the Bible can be daunting. Many people of goodwill tried to read the Bible and ended up putting it down in total confusion. It is good not to undertake Bible study alone, disconnected from the wisdom of centuries’ long work and understanding of the Scriptures within the Church. When used as a source of prayer and reflection the Bible comes alive. Since the Bible is God’s Word, studying the Bible is not merely a matter of intellectual knowledge of its Books, but above all, about greater understanding of God’s love for His creation. It is a spiritual journey. It is a conversation with God; it is a prayer.

Let us then enrich our relationship with God Who loves us and gave us the Bible to illustrate that love.

Let us open the Bible…

Bible Study is inviting you to discover the living Word and its impact on our daily lives. With narrative, study questions, reflections, keynotes, and prayer, your understanding of Scripture will be deepened with the introduction to the spiritual practice of Lectio Divina.


We study the Gospel of Saint John.


Who was John?

Why does John begin with the Bible’s opening words?

What image of Jesus does John’s Gospel present?

How does lectio divina move us to pray with Scripture?


The Gospel of John presents Christ, right from the beginning, as the tangible reality of God’s plan for the world. John’s gospel, written between 90 and 100 AD, speaks about God, creation, and the meaning and message of Jesus Christ.


This Gospel focuses on Jesus as the Word Became Flesh, existing before creation. The Prologue found in the Gospel of John echoes the creation story in Genesis: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Additionally, the role of the Holy Spirit is frequently spoken of in the Gospel of John.


As we read familiar scripture passages, reflecting on them during our Bible Study Group and Individual sessions and applying the spiritual practice of lectio divina, they will enkindle in us a deeper insight into the love of God for us.


Individual Study & Lectio Divina This Week  Jn 3:22 - 4:54


Day 1 - The Final Witness of John the Baptist (Jn 322-30), pp. 52-53

Day 2 - The One Sent From Heaven (Jn 3:31-36), pp. 53-54

Day 3 - The Samaritan Woman (Jn 4:1-42), pp. 54-57

Day 4 - Second Sign at Cana (Jn 4:43-54), pp. 58-59

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