BUFFALO WING - 6/pkg - Chicken breast, hot sauce, bleu cheese & celery bits


IMPORTANT: KEEP FROZEN, Please simmer before pan frying.

Place frozen peirogi in simmering water (not a rolling boil) for 7 minutes. Remove from water, serve as is, or pan fry in butter and oil to golden brown. Cook to min. internal temp of 165F. See serving suggestions below.


Creative ideas for serving Buffalo Wing Pierogi

  • Buffalo Wing Salad- pan-fried buffalo wing pierogi, lettuce mix, crumbled bleu cheese, sliced grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, ranch or bleu Cheese dressing.
  • Buffalo Wing Pierogi & Cheese (skip the “mac”) - place par-boiled buffalo wing pierogi in a baking pan. Top with sliced grilled chicken, your favorite mac & cheese sauce (add some hot sauce for extra kick). Top with cornflake crumbs & bake until bubbly!

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