Sweetened Farmer’s Cheese & Lemon Zest


IMPORTANT: KEEP FROZEN, Please simmer before pan frying.

Bring water to a simmer, add frozen pierogi.  Simmer 5 -7 minutes and remove.


Creative ideas for serving Sweet Cheese Pierogi

  • Polish cheesecake - simmer pierogi according to directions for 5-7 mins. Blanch in cold water & coat with graham cracker crumbs. Pan fry the pierogi until golden brown. Top with your favorite fruit topping such as blueberries & lemon curd or lemon sauce, fresh strawberries, whipped cream.
  • Sweet cheese pierogi with lemon butter sauce & capers. Get creative & serve with your favorites: chicken Franscese, grilled garlic shrimp or fish, artichoke hearts, baby spinach, sauteed sweet bell peppers, grilled asparagus.
  • Serve with tomato cream sauce or vodka sauce. Add sliced grilled chicken, crab or lobster meat.

1 - SWEET CHEESE, Pierogi

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