POTATO MUSHROOM & BLUE, Pierogi - Potato, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, crumbled bleu cheese & roasted red peppers

MPORTANT: KEEP FROZEN, Please simmer before pan frying.

Place frozen peirogi in simmering water (not a rolling boil) for 7 minutes. Remove from water, serve as is, or pan fry in butter and oil to golden brown. Cook to min. internal temp of 165F.

See serving suggestions below.


Creative ideas for Potato Mushroom & Blue pierogi:

  • Traditionally, pierogi are served with simple toppings: fried onions, melted butter, sour cream or pork rinds. These toppings may also be upgraded or replaced with more complicated sauces, as well as fresh herbs like parsley, chives, dill, mint, thyme, rosemary, tarragon or basil.
  • Pierogi steak “sandwich”- layer par boiled pierogi in a baking dish. Top with sauteed, shaved steak, sauteed mushrooms & onions, baby spinach, another layer of pierogi, au jus & mozzarella cheese.


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