STUFFED BANANA PEPPER - 6/pkg - Sautéed banana peppers, garlic, fresh herbs, breadcrumbs & 5 cheese blend


IMPORTANT: KEEP FROZEN, Please simmer before pan frying.

Place frozen peirogi in simmering water (not a rolling boil) for 7 minutes. Remove from water, serve as is, or pan fry in butter and oil to golden brown. Cook to min. internal temp of 165F. See serving suggestions below.


Creative ideas for Stuffed Banana Pepper

  • Serve with creamy pesto or marinara
  • Place par boiled pierogi in a single layer in a baking dish. Top with sliced grilled chicken and your choice of marinara, roasted red pepper sauce, tomato cream or vodka sauce.

STUFFED BANANA PEPPER, Pierogi - Click for info & creative ideas